Hoshen-El Agency

Hoshen-EL staffing company has engaged in recruitment and placement over 7 years
Hoshen-EL is specialized and experienced in:
* Detection Diagnosis, classification, recruitment and placement of personnel in various fields.
* Project Management for companies and organizations.
Hoshen-EL is spread and active throughout the country and employs a professional team in various fields.
Company personnel are in constant touch with our customers, and are available 24 hours a day in order to provide service and immediate solution to problems that occur in the workplace.
The company operates a large fleet of comfortable and air-conditioned vehicles (vans, minibuses, buses), and drivers with the transportation authorities for the vehicles listed above.
Areas :

  • Insurance
  • Building and Architecture
  • Banking Finance and accounting
  • Electricity and electronics
  • Transportation
  • General Technique
  • Administration
  • Marketing Sales and Customer Service
  • Tourism and Hotel
  • Industrial production
  • Industrial Management
  • Communication and Engineering
  • Warehouse and Logistics
  • Food and Retail
  • Fashion and Textiles

Company benefits:
PA Hoshen-el has all the required licensens by law in Israel. (a license for a private office, a license to operate as a contractor personnel, a license to provide services.)
Hoshen-EL has signed the collective agreement, and working with the Chamber of Commerce Union.
Our company is arranging preliminary and professional examinations to seek for recruitment problems, causes of turnover, employee retention, and more.
We offer creative and relevant solutions for every customer in every field. Also most of our clients enjoy from services throughout the country.
among our clients:
 Industrial companies:
Peyton engineering, Tnuva, Shamir Eyal, Digitek, Halabin, M.t.i, Digitek, Iscor,
A.L. Electronics, Eltek, Avarot  Industries, Roseman Engineering, Dexon, tempo, Merkavim
Technology, Caesarea Industry, itong, Hod Hefer, Gidron, - T.g.m, Alma, Readymix, Yafora.
Services companies:
Crystal, Arca, Scailex, Chemipal, Horizon, Agentek, Amgon, Binat samech, Binat group,
Kogol, Pro Plus, Ariz, Hilati Israel, Orian, Maayanot, dialogue, marketing information, Tabib, AFCON, -
Milgam, Faltors, Direct funding, Direct insurance, Data Technologies, Herzog Fox law firm
Co. and more ...
Super-Sal, Rami Levi, Mega, Tiv Taam, Golf Kitan, Victory, Co-Op Israel, Stop Market,
Hagarin, Roladin.

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